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Cinematic Oblivion

Jul 28, 2017

Everything is some kind of metaphor as we talk about existential thriller Hell High (1989), silly Japanese ghost movie Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (1968), American classic western Stagecoach (1939), and stylistic Italian slasher Stagefright: Aquarius (1987).

Jul 12, 2017

We get all pornographic in this one discussing the Japanese erotic thriller Muscle, the french art porno La Bete, as well as some more standard fare such as the 80's horror movie I, Madman and the heartfelt sci-fi classic Silent Running.

Jul 12, 2017

In this episode we discuss the mind numbingly boring Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla, the devastating and nerve wracking Eyes Of My Mother, the silly and quintessentially 80's movie The Wraith, and our new favorite independent comedy Dude Bros Party Massacre 3.

Jul 12, 2017

In this episode we focus in detail on the wildly underappreciated teen slasher All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, and try to decipher why we find it so haunting and nostalgic.